In this month the Lord reminded me the scripture in the book of the Matthew Ch 24v36 which says “But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only”
hile I was busy fixing the bus of some friends on the side of the road, the jack collapsed and the bus fell on top of me! It is but through God’s grace I just had a bruise on my ribs. If it was not of the Lord I could have died but thank God that He still has a plan and a purpose with my life. This was the second incident of almost dying in this year. As many of you know, I was hijacked at gun point in January.

I go ahead and say “What is it which can separate us from the love of Christ Jesus? Is it hijacking, car falling on me, hunger or the cold? I found that nothing can separate us from the love of God.

The Love of a Widow

I visited a certain family in one of the villages outside the capital city of Mbabane were this old lady (gogo) she is taking care of 8 orphans. I managed to talk to one of the young men. His name is Menzi. He said to me “I am not related to this old lady (gogo) and I don’t even know but she just took me when I was very little. Now am 18 years old my mother didn’t want me to stay with her because of my step dad. The step dad used to abuse me physically so I had to run away and this old lady (gogo) took me”. I was very touched about what this young man told me and by the love of this old lady.
He went on to share about how they earn a living. The Old lady (gogo) goes around looking for people who need help of man power or whatever kind of a job e.g. Those who be harvesting their fields and after helping them she will get some maize as a wage of her labor. This is part of what she does for a living each and every day and sometime she goes for days without returning home, so these kids will go like a week without a parent around. She travels to the neighboring villages looking for some jobs so that she can feed the family. I will ask whoever reads this to help me pray for this family so that God can help them.
My question I would like to put to you, how many of us can be like this old lady taking care of all these kids who are not even related to her but because of the love and heart for Christ she is doing it? Like Jesus said after He met a Centurion soldier, “I have never seen such Faith in all Israel”. I myself can say, I have never seen such love like this old lady.

I visited another old lady by the name gogo (grandmother) Rose, this lady is a victim of leprosy. She could have died by leprosy but through God’s amazing power she is healed and well recovered. She stays with her grandson because her own children have abandoned her and they are staying in South Africa. She is a very strong woman of God and she always testifying about the goodness of the Lord.
I learned that the arm of the Lord is not too short! Nor His ear deaf that it could not hear.