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In August we took a short 25hr trip up to Winnipeg Canada. It’s a long haul past Chicago, Madison, Minneapolis and even past Fargo. It was looking like we weren’t going to make it because our van unfortunately has been giving us major problems (still working on it!) Avis gave us a killer deal and we rented a great car which made the trip even more enjoyable. We went up to visit Katie and Amy. They are two of our 2011 volunteers. We had a great time meeting their family and friends and especially enjoyed our stay at Doiron Regency (Amy’s parent’s house). They even gave up their bed for us! They whipped up delicious meals and overfed us about every 3hrs. Everyone knows most Canadians are very pleasant but Amy, Katie and their families took hospitality to a whole new level.
Going back to see our volunteers has been one of the greatest joys after their year. When you get to know them so well it’s such a privilege to get to know their families, see where they are from and see where they are going. I was able to share and thank Katies’ church on Sunday morning for all their support and prayers. They supported Amy and Katie for the year and many folks even gave towards the current bus in Africa. It always feels good to say thank you and see the faces of those supporting this important work. We were we so touched at the level of commitment to living out the Gospel (foreign and local) so many in this community reflected. So many Christians take in foster kids, so many release their own kids to international missions and so many live sacrificial lifestyles in order to give more. There was much to learn. We feel inspired and refreshed. It reminded us why it is important to invest in our volunteers. Not only do they make an incredible impact while they are in Africa but their growth and maturity and the experiences in Africa have ripple effects into the lives of people back home when they return. Both Amy and Katie are pursuing great things and will be making an impact for the Lord wherever they go.

1. Pray that our vehicle (A-Team van) get fixed as we need it to fulfill our upcoming road trips.
2. Pray for wisdom for our upcoming board meeting and some of the exciting changes coming to the ministry shortly!
3. In October /November, Allan along with the current team are going up to Zambia to investigate the placement of an AR team in Zambia. We are in need of additional funds to fulfill this mission. If you feel compelled to give towards this incredible next step, please make a donation towards AR, stating “Mission to Zambia” in the memo line.
4. For those interested in how to join our support team. Contact us here and we will send you some “how to” info right away.

As always, thank you for reading this and taking the time to pray for our family and our ministry work.
Please get in touch with us should you want to know more, share with us or just connect. We love hearing from people and feel encouraged when we know we are not alone.

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Last Words

“Doing” will become instinctive and spontaneous only when our hearts become deeply gripped by what’s been done!” -Tullian Tchividjian