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I have been trying to convince myself that it is still summer. It is not.
The summer was great here in Michigan but way too short. The kids loved it. Being outside, going swimming, and being in the yard. Judah is finally the age where he can begin to express what he sees, what he feels and what he’s thinking, it’s so amazing to see the world through his little eyes. He daily reminds me of Jesus words; “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matt18:3) Those words have stuck with me. They got me thinking… Jesus goes on and says, “Therefore whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

Judah and Allan

This strikes me as I think of what humility looks like in my son. It really looks like “NEED”. He needs us to feed him. He needs us to bathe him. He needs us to dress him. He needs us to change his diapers. He needs us to pick him up and give him treats (licorice and bananas are his favorite b.t.w.) Pretty much the only thing he can fully do on his own is wake up, and wake me up at 5:30am. All this has made me realize that God wants us to be needy/humble like Judah, because it means i will rely on Him, I will have the right posture as I come before Him. As I come to my Father I will suddenly see myself as I truly am and see Him, as He truly is.

Just this week, on two separate occasion’s two older men in my life kindly rebuked me. Both of them identified pride in my heart. Both of them were asking me to share about our “need”. I danced around as I’m not good at asking for help. Both shared that God designed this life and ministry work as a team effort, where God meets the needs of His people through His people. Both challenged me to share needs of my family and our ministry more openly and in doing so I would be humbling myself. I would be like a child. Mmhh… easier said than done. It did get me thinking along with the words of Jesus. I should share more honestly, more openly and others would not only know more about what God is doing through us but they will also get to be a part of it. I think society tells us to be so independent that we don’t know how to “do together” and God’s work is always about “doing together”. So pray for us as we grow in boldness and humility as we share the needs we have. Let me exercise this by humbling myself and doing what they told me to do; letting people know and sharing the needs.

AR Ministry Needs

1. Funds to cover the costs for the end of the year. As our team finishes up their year in Africa there are some loose ends that need to be taken care of.
2. An administrator to join us Stateside to help with the operational side of the ministry here.
3. Funds to assist us launch a new work in Zambia. With a new family leading our work in Zambia we need to make sure we do diligence there before sending in future teams.

Greig Family Needs

1. Additional monthly supporters to help us reach our personal budget goal. Currently we are at approximately 62% of our funding goal. Monthly donations help us plan ahead
2. One time donations to meet unique needs that arise.
While sharing needs can be tough, I do feel that what we invite people into, what we ask them to support is of utmost importance. Contributing to missions is investing in the expansion of Jesus’ Kingdom. Supporting missionaries is investing in eternity.

I was challenged last night when we got to hear John Piper speak at a  Don’t Waste Your Life talk  at church, he challenged the audience regarding missions.  I’ll end with one of his quotes;

“There are only 3 categories of people; those who go, those who send and those who disobey. Go, send, or disobey.” – John Piper

Follow close, follow hard
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