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What an opportunity to be here in Cape Town to be able to learn about God’s Kingdom and see the work of God’s hand, things like Table Mountain ,Cape Point, Lion’s Head Mountain and the Ocean(both the Indian and Atlantic). I am thankful to people like you and those who are keeping me in their prayers everyday, may the good Lord do you good in return.

The program I am doing its called CPx meaning Church Planting Xperience not to say I am learning to start a church but this is what it mean, God has called us to make Disciples wherever we go. As much we are called by God, He want us to go and share about His love with others. There is difference between a Christian this is a person who confessed that Jesus is Lord and sit down with the gift which God gave him or received good news but not share with others. A Disciple is a person who hear the good news and go out to reach others with the same news you received. Matthew Ch 28v18-20.
I am learning that the Lord is calling us to following things;

Worship(Love God)-The Lord is calling us just to worship him alone and nothing else.
Community(Love your neighbor)-The Lord is calling us to love people around us.
Missions(Love the Lost)-The Lord is calling us to reach out to those who never heard about the good news and those who are lost.
The Church and us as individuals we are called to live these 3 kinds of Love which is the kind of love Christ has for us.

We are doing our practical in the community which is near by, called Masiphumelele (We shall prosper). It’s a wonderful community but living a life which is hurtful, there is a lot of drugs, abortion, orphans and poverty. There are a lot of nationalities in this community like Zimbabweans, Malawians, Congolese, Ethiopians e.t.c. People in Masiphumelele are very friendly and ready for the gospel anytime.
I have other team member which am working with about 7 of us, we have already established DBS(Discovery Bible Study) were we open scriptures and discover together what it means. They are such a wonderful people who always want to learn and know more about the bible. We have more than 6 groups of people which we meet with twice per week. We are learning that the Lord is calling us to worship Him and learn about the bible wherever we can not only in a certain building called church but we are the church. We were being challenge on that area of what we think about church and the number of people does not define what is church. God has called church to a movement which will bring change to the hurting world, that church is the answer to the world.
I am reading the book, “The Father Heart of God” by Floyd McClung. It teaches that the heart of the Father is always open ready to receive back his son. We see this from the story in the bible of the Prodigal son Luke Ch 15v11-31, God love us no matter what we have done. Powerful indeed!

Pray for me as I head out to Madagascar on missions outreach for a few weeks. I am excited at what God teaches our team and how he grows us!
Thank you all for your prayers and love.