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When we finished the 1st month living in this community of Ankofa, we just fitted and became part of the community. I thought of the book “Into the Mud” because we were in to the mud, it was raining everyday so doing outreach was not easy at all but the weather couldn’t stop us from doing God’s work.

We were evangelizing wherever we see a group of people gathering and at any given opportunity because of that it opened a lot of relationships with the community. We started meeting with people in their home and some were even inviting us in to their houses. We started discipleship groups in about more than 10 homes with more than 4 people per house and it started growing more and more. We visited another village which is a Micro Village and people were not as open like the village where we were staying but the Chief (Emmanuel) of that village was just awesome. We started to walk with this man and every time we meet with him you could tell that he was becoming hungry and hungry for God’s word every day. One day the Chief just broke down and confessed his sins and repented, within a week he ask for Baptism. The whole village gathered to witness the chief dying to himself and there was celebration in that village on this day. The villagers were singing and dancing as we were left in awe of what God has done. Since the day he was baptized, the chief started to ask about how he can do church that was what we were waiting for and we started to encourage him to make disciples. He didn’t even hesitate to do it because he was ready to serve God.

The other ministry we did was to hang out with the kids (though we didn’t have anything to give to them) but our love and time. I spend time with the boys teaching them how to play soccer and telling them some biblical stories. We ministered to 3 different villages and God was faithful to help us raise Disciples who understand about multiplication. We witnessed a lot of miracles and healing especially this one in particular. There was a woman who had a growth in her womb and this has been there for some time, but after we prayed it disappeared from that day she never experience that pain again. There we some deliverance as well, people who were not sleeping because they consulted the witch doctor so the spirit of Trumba(Specific Spirit) was troubling them every day. We ministered to them Exodus Ch. 20 about the Ten Commandments,… “that they shall have no other gods before me.” People denounce their relationship with those spirits and they started to enjoy their evenings.

On our last week we gathered all the Disciples at one place to encourage them to carry on and we had about +100 Disciples and some they didn’t even come due to some other commitments. It was mind blowing to see how God has used us on those 2 months for His glory. It was difficult to leave these wonderful people were they were crying not wanting us to leave anymore and they ask us to come back and stay with them more. As I was looking at them just reminded of Jesus being taken up to the heavens and the disciples were gazing at Him.

Lives were changed, my paradigm was shifted and characters were straightened so that we will be ready for greater things which God is preparing us to do.