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The journey started in Cape Town with a group of 4 single people (2 boys and 2 girls) we were aware that we are going to Madagascar but not knowing where exactly.

We moved in the village of Ankofa North East of Madagascar in the middle of nowhere, it’s more like an island within an island again. When we arrived at the village it was a shock to the villagers to see foreigners saying “We are coming here to stay with you”. We had people help us to settle in because the house was just empty and no place to shower except the river, so we had to set up 1.We met the Chief of the village to introduce ourselves and as he introduce us to the community. We explained who we are and why are we here. It didn’t take us long to get the ball rolling with the 2nd day we were already in the street evangelizing and booking appointments with people in their homes.

It was a time of my paradigm to be shifted again by seeing God’s grace reigning upon this village because 90% of the villagers they don’t have shoes and its always pouring rain day after day. Poverty is evident wherever you go and a lot of kids they are malnourished. I remember most of the nights I was awakened from my sleep because of different kids crying in the middle of night. The kids were crying not because of anything else but they are hungry. People they don’t have any other food to live on except rice and wild fruits but when its not rice season which is the time I was there, it means hunger for the village. It became the most difficult time for me because it was Disciple Making and Compassionate Ministry. I loved making disciples and reaching out to the other villages and my heart was moved with compassion every day. People were very much happy to hear the message of hope and good news but still restricted to attend our meetings because they had to go out and search for food. It was heartbreaking to see people who are wearing hanging rags on their bodies because you couldn’t call them clothes at all. I remember the scripture in the bible, “what does it help when you see a brother naked and say be blessed and go”. I am praying that God will raise Compassionate Ministries to go and serve this region of Madagascar because there is so much need.

As we spent time in that village, we just realized that their culture allows their daughters to go and spend nights with their boyfriends. I ask some of the locals more about this not knowing that this was going to break my heart. This is what they said “A girl can abort a minimum of 10 times before she permanently stays with her husband”. I couldn’t believe this is happening here and its normal to the believers and non-believers. After hearing this we were reminded that we are entrusted with the gospel we better tell the young people the truth about walking right before God and guard themselves against all ungodly things, but we had no time on our side to go further with this ministry. I see the need for long term missionaries to go and be planted there for years and years. Who will go?