I really want to thank God for what He has done for me this month. My main focus was sorting all our property which we were using in Swaziland and moving to Zambia. I worked with Allan moving all our staff (tables,chairs,books,etc) to the container which the ministry purchased for storage. It was good spending time together with Allan as we were working, talking and planning about the future of Africa Revolution.

We also visited Viva Village which is situated East of Mamelodi Township in Pretoria South Africa. It’s a ministry which is doing some wonderful work of ministering in the township of Mamelodi. They empower and develop the lives of the community people and live life with the community. We are looking forward to putting a new AR team there in 2015!! Come join us!


GoGo Masindi and I. 

We had an opportunity to visit our old friends in the Township of Mamelodi just to encourage them in their Faith. Gogo (Grandmother) Masindi was the high light of the friend’s visit because of her energy regardless of her old age and her zeal for God in such old age. Its always an encouragement on its own just to pay her a visit because of how she will be telling you how much she loves you. It was a great privilege meeting the Family which is running this ministry and be able to sit down with them and just hear their heart of how they believe church looks like. It was our joy myself and Allan meeting them because we were talking the same language of how the body of Christ should be in union and serving the community.

This is my short testimony of how God surprised me. A lot of you know that I visited USA last year while I was there we had a prayer request with Allan that I should get a truck. We started praying about it not knowing how this was going to happen. God provided the funds through some of you my brothers and sisters which I am so grateful more than what words can explain. We went to the car Auction hoping to get something but just to find out that we didn’t have enough money to match the bidding. It was disappointing not to get a vehicle but not knowing that God had his own plan. After almost a week of waiting and praying to God to provide He did it at the right time and provided a good truck which is going to serve God’s people in every place I am going to go. Thank you everyone for the support and prayers you are offering to me.

Praise God for my new truck for the ministry!

Praise God for my new truck for the ministry!

Its great also to have the Kaisers here spending time with them getting to know more about how things are going in Zambia. We spend most of our time discussing about how we are going to minister or serve in Zambia and praying more about different things.
I am in a season were God has just took me by surprise on how He just recently bless me and I continually sing of His goodness.
All is set for Zambia and this is what I will be doing in Zambia for those who want to know or not aware; Working with Orphans and Widows in the communities of Zambia mainly around the Capital city which is Lusaka going further.
Discipline the young man in the communities and hoping to work with University Students.
I will be studying as well pursuing my Theology Studies which I didn’t finish when I was in Swaziland
Hoping to partner with local churches and leaders and introduce the simple church principles which is good for discipleship.(I am going to put in to practice most of the staff I learnt at All Nations Cape Town about Discipleship)
Just to name the few and the most important ones.

Your prayers will be very much appreciated as I am moving in to this new place!