We are half way through summer folks (I can’t help feel a little sadness creep in.)
Well, so far it has been very full. Annie’s little sister Molly got married to some guy she met (just kidding he’s great!) Their wedding day was a blast and we’ve enjoyed yelling at the TV as we’ve watched the World Cup together! (There was a lot of yelling as my team, Brazil, got destroyed in the semi-finals by the Germs.) I don’t always watch sports, but when I do it’s the World Cup (said in the voice of the Most Interesting Man in the World) Summer is just a great time for us to enjoy the kids outdoors. We love camping, swimming and being outside. It’s a little slower as far as the ministry goes, and summer provides a few opportunities to share at camps or small groups and I get  a chance to do some freelance graphics work. I also take the opportunity to read, write, order some thoughts and make some decisions for the year to come. I recently wrote an article/blog post about The African Church that clarifies further, why we as a ministry are doing what we are doing. We love God’s Church and we love to see local churches thrive and prevail. Over the years we have just about seen everything, the good the bad and the ugly in many, many churches and I thought it about time I wrote down some of those thoughts for others to consider. Read the post here if you are interested.

Back in Africa, our staff is busy. Praise God the Kaiser family’s work visas came through and AR Zambia was successfully and painfully registered as a local non-profit. As they work with local partners in orphan care we are seeing that encouraging national families to foster and adopt orphans is a strategic sustainable method to see kids loved and taken care of. Pray for wisdom and clarity as we take important steps in serving in Zambia.
Getting a Zambian visa for Clever (whom is from Zimbabwe) is proving to be challenging. In the meanwhile he is busy exploring some orphan care opportunities in Swaziland that we may participate in. So the next couple of months see us all adjusting and preparing for a new season of ministry!


Summer time adventures and celebrating the 4th of July!

BIG NEWS! So the big news is, we are expecting baby #3! Thank you, thank you. While life at times already feels crazy we are going for the “rip the band aid off” approach to having kids. Yes, it might be nuts and crazy for a few years but we just don’t want to draw out the sleepless, leaky, wiping, stinky stage. Let’s get that over with ASAP!

greigs_support_letter_2014_sm_AWith one more on the way we are seriously focusing on support raising for our growing family’s needs. This is always challenging for me as I prefer to raise funds for the ministry! But if we are not in a good place, the ministry won’t be in a good place. Some of you have asked for the most current low down. Well here it is; we are still looking for 15 more supporters before we are finally fully funded. We are currently 70% there.  Here is what we are looking for.

5 donors at $150/month
5 donors at $100/month
5 donors at $50/month 

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-Prayer Requests-

1. Thanksgiving to God for a new baby on the way!

2.  Pray for additional volunteers for our next year-long team being sent to Lusaka, Zambia. If you know of anyone who would thrive living and serving on a team in Africa, encourage them to consider joining us! Find out more here!

3. Pray for those 15 additional monthly supporters to join our family support team.

Thanks to all our monthly regular supporters and those who pray for us constantly. Thanks for your generous and sacrificial support. Together we are seeing God’s Kingdom come.
follow close,
Allan, Annie, Judah, Skylah and Baby Neymar

“You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love. For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”” – Gal5:13&14