It’s been a crazy 3 weeks. The night we got back from Livingstone, Daniel crashed. What began as throwing out his back grew to excruciating pain and numbness in his left leg. Pain meds didn’t touch it, so he took sleeping pills for relief. Friends advised us to fly to Johannesburg for surgery! Our heads spun.Β 

We cancelled Gap Year teachings as he couldn’t stand or sit. Daniel displays the classic symptoms of a ruptured disc, and is seeing a chiropractor. Today was his first time out in 3 weeks besides doctor’s visits. It was great sitting beside him in church today, and we have hope that he will fully recover. Keep him in prayer!!

Sorry I didn’t write sooner-I have been up to my eyeballs in life! Potty training Zion and our new puppy (i.e. poop and pee all over the house!), beginning to homeschool 4 kids, training in a maid/cook and a gardener (to help with life as we no longer have time to keep up), and gutting our bathroom kept me going from 5:30 – midnight each day.


​”Diapers are Yucky!” -Zion
In those 3 weeks,
-Josiah got a painful, infectious skin lesion, probably from swimming in the Zambezi. Four of our teammates also developed skin rashes and lesions.
#KissingLesion #Alieninvasion
-We learned our entire Livingstone team will need to take Bilharzia meds (Bilharzia is one of the nastiest parasites in Africa) because we were exposed to the water both from swimming and bathing in water from the Zambezi.
-I got a flat tire
-Our car died 9 times on a trip when I was running on fumes. The first two gas stations were out of gas due to strikes, the third had lines spilling out to the highway, but finally I got gas at a 4th station. The car died for the last time as I turned INTO our driveway. I was relieved to have gotten home safely! The battery had melted.
-Our lawnmower broke
-Puppy chewed a lamp cord, and when Josiah plugged it in, the voltage burned a hole in our tile!
-Power outages no longer keep to a schedule, so at any time power, internet, and water switch off.
-Our generator broke
-Our oven is malfunctioning, and at times flames shoot up the back of the oven
-Daniel’s phone broke, so he was disconnected during a time he could have really used the encouragement!
We don’t think this is an accident! After so much victory in Livingstone, the enemy would love for us to throw in the towel! And believe me, we are TIRED!!!!
BUT….GOD at work. πŸ™‚ He is strengthening our marriage, and opening more doors for ministry.
Last time we mentioned our friend Mabel’s situation. Tomorrow she and her 4 kids move in with us! The landlord told her to get out, and she has looked for 2 months in Ng’ombe with no success for a rental. Every landlord wants no more than 2 or 3 kids. So…we will have her stay with us for one month and get a search crew going for a house in Ng’ombe!
Future House
After our Livingstone trip, people asked, “What’s next?” I shared with them our heart to have a big community house. A house full of people who share a passion for loving Jesus, each other, and spreading the gospel to the community around us, and to the ends of the earth. Widows, orphans, street kids, UNZA students might all be involved.
Two of the guys are very serious about making this happen. Now that Mabel’s situation has intensified, this may be the catalyst to press deeper in this vision. Friday we viewed a house for sale in the area, and discovered that there are several big houses for sale in Ng’ombe. One 12-bedroomed house just sold for $10,000 to serve as an orphanage. The price was really discounted because the owner also wanted to help orphans. The realtor told me there is one really big place for sale, which is now being used as a pub. Could this be our place?!
It seems crazy to even consider such a move at this stage of life, but if it is God’s will, we will say yes.
If it seems we are crazy, it is to bring glory to God!
2 Corinthians 5:13 NLT
Tomorrow will be a long day of clearing Mabel’s kids’ school fees, packing, and settling in here at home. Keep us prayer, for grace to cover our entire family! Especially pray for the kids to adjust well.

​#pooped #besties
For his glory to the ends of the earth,
Daniel + Andrea, Josiah, Ella, Zuri + Zion