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Thanks for your prayers for our time in Livingstone! We all said it was the BEST mission trip we ever took, and for all those first-timers, they want more. 🙂  Five young people said they would like to do this life-long, some as tent-makers. “When is the next trip? I’m going to serve God like this as a nurse, and find the underserved. When are we going to India? I want to come back and serve the Toka Leya,” were all comments we were thrilled to hear. This was exactly the point. Short-term missions stirs our hearts for LONG-TERM missions, every-day missions! Suddenly we see opportunities all around us to reach the lost.
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Victory in Worship
One hundred out of 500 villagers came to view the Jesus Film, which was a great turn-out! We drove 40 minutes to the village each day in the back of the steaming hot Canter truck, which was filled with laughter and kids’ worship songs and actions with one of our teammates. Those stiflingly hot, bumpy, dusty trips ended up being one of the highlights for Ella and Zuri. ​
We then walked through the village each day in 110 degree heat, biting ants, flies coming into our eyes and ears, sand burning our feet, and yet we would say it was no sacrifice. It was such an honor and a joy! Alongside the local pastors and leaders, we shared Scripture with small groups of people, encouraged them, and prayed with them. Many people were sick, experiencing marriage problems, struggling with alcohol, or grieving loved ones. Keep praying that the Toka Leya come to experience Jesus face-to-face.
Through all the challenges-different food, heat, long travel, pit latrines, bush showers, and simple sleeping quarters, our entire team gelled in a way that was supernatural. Each person had such a servant’s heart and attitude. At any point in time, you could experience the love, compassion, encouragement, and service of Christ!
Whether cooking, washing dishes, sharing the Word of God, mud fighting, worshiping, or swimming in the Zambezi with crocs nearby, we were lost in a spirit of community. “It was a taste of heaven!” one teammate smiled. The last night we had a fish fry with a catch from the Zambezi River and watched fireworks under the stars. It was amazing.
Victory in Prayer
One teammate struggled with panic attacks throughout the trip, and the last night was more than she had ever faced. Terror would grip her face and she shook in our arms. Another teammate and I would hold her in our arms and pray and sing worship songs, declaring the victory we have in Christ. She vomited several times and collapsed on the ground. Soon some of the young men joined us in prayer, and we ended up sleeping in a tent away from the others so we could battle with her in prayer through the night. We bonded in a deep way, and now this young woman says God used that night to show her she can go out into the world and trust others (not just her mom) to battle with her and love her through the struggle. What a joy and delight to see such faith in spite of attack!
Victory in Play
There was one fun “instigator” on the trip, and it didn’t take much arm-twisting for a few of us to join in! After ministry in the village, we daily cooled off with a swim in the Zambezi, and once a water fight turned into a mud fight. Some of the young guys commented later, “I have never done anything like that. It was so much fun and I felt I could be myself. I was totally accepted.”
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After so much rejection, abuse and sadness in some of our teammate’s lives, this type of play opened them up in a beautiful way. Even since the trip they are laughing, joking, smiling more than I ever saw before. They are also talking about joining us in the dream to buy a big house where we can live together and live out the gospel. We dream of including widows, orphans, and street kids in this house. It’s exciting to see God answer prayers to bring Zambians alongside us in this adventure. “Count us in!” they smiled.
For more pictures, check out our facebook album: Livingstone
Thanks for sowing generously with us in Zambia!!
Daniel + Andrea, Josiah, Ella, Zuri + Zion
Remember this–a farmer who plants only a few seeds will get a small crop. But the one who plants generously will get a generous crop. 
2 Corinthians 9:6