“If there is no element of risk, if there is no element of fear, there would be no need for faith.” -Levi Lusko

Imagine seeing Jesus walking on the water, and your heart jumps into your throat. “I have to walk out to him!” What did it feel like as Peter put his foot onto the water? Did he take off his sandals or just leave them on? I imagine his desire to be close to Jesus overwhelmed his fear of sinking, his fear of what anyone else thought. So he put his foot into a substance that was physically impossible to hold him. And a miracle happened. Faith happened.

Perhaps Jesus’ teaching on the kingdom of heaven still rang in Peter’s ears. “The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.” Matthew 13:44

With Jesus, it’s all or nothing. Peter wanted to go all in. So do I.

Sometimes people think I am a little crazy. I probably am. But my heart longs for the poor in Ng’ombe to know the incredible, all-surpassing riches of Jesus Christ. And I will do crazy things in attempt to reach them.

I really like parties, getting messy, playing loud music, and worshiping Jesus. A Color Run was an obvious choice to combine all of these. 🙂 Once I stepped out in faith and shared my plan with our home group, God overwhelmingly supplied more than I could have asked. My friend Joe Tang got the powder shipped from the UK.  Former rally-racer Rammy Bhandhair hooked us up with his amazing truck that folds out into a stage, floodlights, generator, sound system, and brought his own worship band.

Obeying the prompting of the Holy Spirit is the best thing! Soon God surrounded us with a team of young, energetic people to join in the outreach. Here are a few pictures from the day.

Witchcraft and fear are prevalent in Ng’ombe, and poverty wreaks havoc on families. Divorce, children born out of wedlock, school dropouts, alcoholism are all too common. But God loves this community. So much that he died for them. And so we will do crazy things to grab their attention and point them to a God that stops at nothing to win their hearts. Please join us in prayer for the 80,000 beloved people who call Ng’ombe home.


Ashleigh, one of the coolest 17-year-olds I’ve ever met. Her love for God and the poor blow me away.


Rich K, our former Gap Year student and unofficial member of our family 🙂


Entering the world of those who call Ng’ombe home.


Rammy’s incredible set-up


Masses of kids swarming for balloons, face paint, and Jesus bracelets. Some kids even got hurt, pointing to the fact that they are starved for attention.


Our neighbor Andrew getting his face painted. Andrew’s mother died April 1 and God brought him into our lives one month later. Now we see him every day, and get to pour God’s love on him!


I shared a short message on how Christ is redeeming all things painful, ugly, and broken in our hearts and in the world. We threw the color and shouted, “All things new!”


Catching a moment between Ella and her closest friend Kafula. <3


A group photo of the runners, plus a few kids photobombing! 😉