“In your opinion, what is Africa’s biggest problem?”

The question came from a young student in a missions workshop I was teaching in Chicago. I don’t like oversimplifying. I don’t like one word answers, especially to very complex problems. But I blurted it out quickly;

“LEADERSHIP”. I clarified and emphasized, “the lack of SERVANT Leadership.” I saw the heads of young international African students vigorously nodding up and down and an elderly missionary sitting in the back join in.

This reality has been the brick wall we have constantly come up against in our 11 years of ministry in Africa. There is a servant leadership crisis in and outside the Church. This results in a myriad of notorious issues associated with Africa; crushing poverty and the quick spreading false prosperity-gospel, being just two issues we consistently come up against.

In 2017 Africa Revolution is focusing our attention to GROWING SERVANT LEADERS. We are currently in the editing room reworking many aspects of our ministry to refocus on discipling, nurturing and empowering young indigenous African leaders.

We want them to have the character and competency to thrive, in being the change their communities hope for.

We want to equip them to be the role models the kids on their street need.

We want to encourage them to be the salt and light they are called to be.

Please give generously to making a sustainable, lasting impact.

Invest in people. Together, let’s get at the root, to change the fruit.

Come alongside and be part of growing the servant leaders Africa desperately needs.


Africa Revolution is a registered 501(c)(3) and all donations are Tax Deductible. Tax receipts are sent out in January 2017. 

Thank you in advance and Merry Christmas,
-Allan Greig
Director of Africa Revolution

P.S. Only till the end of 2016, all donations over $100 towards the ministry will receive this insightful and AR favorite book, as a gift.

“Money, Possessions and Eternity” by Randy Alcorn

“Simply the best book on the subject. Be ready for a good spiritual punch in the gut”