Africa Revolution believes in the critical role of servant leaders. We believe that, in the long run, sustainable change will only be possible through indigenous leaders who have the character and integrity to bring about compassionate transformation. While it may be a long road to walk, we believe it is the most effective and healthiest way to bring about sustainable change. Invest in the right individuals, one by one. Don’t just take our word for it. Watch the short Ted Talks video below by a young African leader who paints a clear picture of the vital need for new leaders across the continent. Its will be well worth your 13 minutes!

We are proud to have culturally diverse teams and especially proud to have African young adults growing as leaders in our Vision Year program. They have a willingness and burning passion to bring about the real change that is needed throughout the continent, along with the unique understanding and perspective that comes with calling a place “home.” We are establishing them in the Word, equipping them with tools, empowering them for service and envisioning them with the Kingdom. The hope is that by the end of this year-long, hands-on learning experience, they will be better equipped to carry out the Gospel and do the work of community development and community care–in their own contries. Our goal is to send out servant leaders who are compassionate and able. The Vision Year discipleship opportunity is already bearing fruit, and we invite you to be a part of it!

The Obstacle-

So far none of our African participants have been able to afford the total costs this program entails. Through our unique application process we qualify those most serious about joining the program and allow them to take necessary steps to show us they’re personally invested. Then we step up and raise the funds necessary to cover the rest of the costs. While the cost is significantly lower than our Western interns who have travel expenses etc, there is still a large amount that needs to be funded. Consider coming along side a young African leader who wants to give their life to being an agent of change in their community.


This is a unique opportunity to join us in supporting Africa’s future servant leaders who deeply desire to do missions themselves, and not just be the recipients of missions. This is a tangible opportunity to be a “sender.” Support an indigenous African intern for just one year. Follow them along on their monthly blog posts and see them grow and change. This is a simple but profound way to make a lasting impact in Africa!

The One Thirty One Campaign simply works like this;
Support ONE indigenous African Intern at $30 per month for just ONE year!
Simple and Easy!

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