As Christians we have an explicit Biblical mandate to care for the orphan, the widow and the poor. It is clear that God Our Father deeply cares for these vulnerable individuals in society and therefore we should too.  The orphan and the widow are often forgotten, marginalized and in need. God longs to meet their needs through us, His Church. Africa Revolution is being used by God, not only to help meet these needs, but also to equip and empower local churches and community members to better serve this population with best practice solutions.

We join with good community leaders and great organizations that are already at work in their community and have a clear vision for the healing of their community. The focus of our service is not only to the vulnerable (orphans, widows and the poor) in Africa but also to those wanting to come alongside them in Africa and in the West. We believe that all of us are in need of transformation. And so we desire to facilitate, educate and equip those seeking to be in relationship with the materially poor.  We seek to facilitate a relationship between caring people in the global community with our brothers and sisters in these vulnerable communities in Africa.