Chikumbuso is a grassroots women and orphan project providing an alternative lifestyle in Ng’ombe compound, a slum population of 80,000. Chikumbuso includes a primary school, widows basket-weaving project, a single mom and young men’s tailoring school, business and community-building initiatives, and a Gap Year Program. Africa Revolution will be working closely with the Gap Year Program with youth who completed grade 12. We will teach a five-week intensive discipleship course on topics such as worldview, idols, glory of God, manhood and womanhood, Father Heart of God, orphan heart characteristics, and suffering and the gospel. As we build relationships with these youth, we will also network with local businesses for internships and college scholarships. This is a critical time in life as many youth fall pregnant, struggle with unemployment and give in to hopelessness, so we hope to give these young adults the support, discipleship and practical connections they need to succeed in life and glorify God in all they do.

We love the welcoming atmosphere at Chikumbuso, and want to support their sustainable, community based solutions approach to development. We are happy to partner with an organization committed to building strong, sustainable communities founded on Christ.