The mission of South City Church is “Love God, Love Others, Serve the World”. The passion of this church is to reach the city of Lusaka and the world by planting new, thriving churches. Right now there are two plants and they are in the exciting beginnings of planting a third, at the University of Zambia (UNZA). The Zebra Crossing site is a diverse church with black and white Zambians, South Africans, Zimbabweans, ex-patriots from Canada and the U.S. as well. Many people within the church are mature believers and many are new to the faith and are still asking questions. The church gathers on Sundays at the Zebra Crossing art café.
Lead Pastor Manie and his wife Lindsay (Lombards) are great at equipping and encouraging leaders. They have regular leadership training meetings to prepare the church to serve through preaching, teaching, and discipling. They have a real passion for people living on mission in community and want to see people engaging their faith throughout the week in deep relationships, service, and reaching out to the world. The small size of each church plant (50-100) allows the church to feel and act like a family, getting to know each other and loving each other deeply.

The AR staff is part of the UNZA church planting team because we are passionate about the church and discipleship. Discipling university students–the future leaders, husbands, wives and parents of Zambia is an amazing privilege! As these youth grow a deep identity in Christ and are discipled, they will have a strong foundation for combatting the root causes of orphans and vulnerable children: sexual infidelity leading to HIV and AIDS, divorce, and abuse. This is long-term strategy of orphan prevention. As students consider their future, we hope to instill a deep compassion for the poor, ground them in service, and encourage them to leverage their careers for the kingdom of God. As these relationships deepen, we hope to lead outreaches to orphans, street kids, and prisons, bringing the hope and love of Jesus to the least and lost and equipping these future leaders with a heart of compassion.