Based in Lusaka Zambia, the vision of Streetwise Craft Co. is to reach street children with the message of hope through the Gospel, and to give them a tool whereby they can become productive members of society. To impact this generation of children so that they will grow up to become the future leaders of Zambia, whether in the church or in their communities.

Louis and Myranda Morales founded and direct StreetWise Craft Company, a trade and creative arts school. The Morales’ heart is to disciple and empower street youth with a trade so they can stand on their own. Divorce, abuse, the HIV and AIDS pandemic, and poverty are a few reasons why children turn to the streets. Recovering from drug addiction and the street life is a long journey, but they are committed to mentoring these youth through it all. Zambia’s minister of Gender and Child Development Inonge Wina affirms the use of skills training as a vital way to find employment and prevent them from returning to the streets.

The Morales’ use a variety of mediums to create unique, hand-painted signs, recycling locally- available wooden pallets whenever possible. They opened a store-front office in the heart of Kabulonga, home to many of the street youth. They would love to have new artists and mentors get involved in creative ways! Graphic designers, woodworkers, artists, photographers and videographers with a heart for discipleship would be an excellent and welcome addition to the ministry.