The Teen Challenge center in Kafue, Zambia is one of a kind. It is a ministry of Global Teen Challenge, and is the only Teen Challenge center in Zambia, as well as the only residential rehabilitation facility for drug and alcohol abuse in the country.
Teen Challenge is a residential rehabilitation center with a one-year program for residents that include Christ-centered teaching and pastoral care. The success rate for individuals who complete the program speaks for itself. The Ministry of Health in Zambia recognizes the value of a program such as this and considers this desperately needed service as a helpful addition to the nation’s desire to assist its people with the troublesome problem of addiction.

Pastor Wafuka and Lily Kapolesa have spearheaded this project. They have years of training and experience working with Teen Challenge in Swaziland. It is in Swaziland that our relationship with Wafuka and Teen Challenge began. AR is excited to continue working with brother Wafuka in his home country of Zambia, establishing such a vital work for the people of Zambia. We in turn invite you to join us as we join God in compassionately loving and discipling people towards Himself through another of our ministry partners; Teen Challenge Zambia.