Teyei J. Pam is a social entrepreneur, social justice advocate, youth minister and mentor with a deep passion for people and holistic, sustainable,  community development. He has over ten years of experience working with individuals, communities, and organizations on different development issues in Africa. Constantly inspiring young people towards the need for an individual sense of responsibility towards contributing to peace, sustainable development and exemplary leadership in Africa.

He holds a diploma in Social Work, Pastoral Studies, a BA. Missions and Evangelism and is currently doing a Masters program in Sustainable International Development at Brandies University, Waltham Massachusetts.

While on his second year internship/ practicum with AR, Teyei is also an active member of two men’s Bible study groups and continues to look for any and every opportunity to encourage the church to truly be “salt of the earth and light of the world.”

He is married to Talitha and together they live in Lansing, Michigan with their two boys Jason Pere (7) and Ethan Nerat (4).

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