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Vision Year in a Nutshell

Vision Year is Africa Revolution’s one year volunteer opportunity.  As a volunteer intern you will be placed in a small team (up to 7 people/team) with our experienced staff to oversee and shepherd you. You will live in the safe and secure team house and go out each day with your team to work with our partner ministries throughout the city. This structured missions experience looks to take volunteers deeper into exploring what a life of serving daily, growing deeply and living out the Kingdom can look like.  We seek to equip team members with lifelong Biblical convictions regarding issues that are close to the heart of God. Devotions together, meals together and training together will mark your days. Team members learn from those in Africa in challenging and practical ways as well as from each other by doing life together. We believe in a discipleship-based model for transformation and so our staff disciple our volunteers who, in turn, disciple those they work with in the community. We will equip and empower you to do the work set before you. You will discover your own gifts and abilities and match them with needs in the city.  Practically this means our volunteers transfer skills (e.g. teaching; English, business, computers, tutoring or coaching, etc.) and engage in medical missions, prison ministry, hospital mercy ministry, youth ministry and much more. You will be exposed and stretched and come away from a full year with a full heart!

Click to Download the Vision Year Application
Vision Year Application

Join our Year-long Volunteer Team


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live overseas, out of your comfort zone?  Have you ever wanted to be challenged and offer yourself fully to the work of the Lord?  Why not go for a year to Africa and be discipled and equipped while living and serving in community with others? Currently we are looking for additional team members for our 2016 Vision Year Team. You would be joining the work of our missionary staff in Lusaka, Zambia.  Leave for Africa in September 2016 with a team of 6 other year-long volunteers. The team will be in Zambia until July 2017. We currently have 5 spots available for volunteers.  For every volunteer whom has gone with us for a year to Africa, this experience has been life transforming.

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If you desire to become a humble, teachable, servant leaders, this opportunity is for you.  Learn to live in missional community in Africa. Learn, grow and mature with a team of like-minded people.  Continue to look through the info on this site (use the tabs at the top of this page and click through the picture gallery too) and contact us with any questions.

Click to Download the Vision Year Application

Vision Year Application



STEP ONE: Interested! Read through the website and contact us regarding your interest and with any further questions.Vision Year Application

STEP TWO: Receive e-mail confirmation from AR regarding your interest along with answers to your questions.
Seek out friends and family to pray with you regarding this decision to go to Africa. Download application and review.

STEP THREE: Complete application and send it in along with an individual photo (of the non-mugshot variety).

STEP FOUR: You will receive e-mail confirmation when your application has been received.

STEP FIVE: AR staff will begin checking references after all reference forms have been received and will notify you via e-mail when the process has been completed.

STEP SIX: Phone or in-person interview depending on your proximity to our staff or alumni. (Alums also conduct potential team member interviews if needed.)

STEP SEVEN: With e-mail confirmation of your acceptance, you will receive materials to begin raising financial support. You will have access to an online spreadsheet updating you regarding the status of your financial support raising. You must have raised 30% of your support raised and 80% pledged prior to leaving the country.

STEP EIGHT: You will receive preparatory materials such as a packing list and other essential instructions.

STEP NINE: You will need to make travel arrangements to the orientation site in Lansing, MI. Transportation from the airport will be provided (you will be sent more details and further directions beforehand).

STEP TEN: Orientation Stateside. This is a 3 week time of slowing down, bonding as a team, learning and serving before heading out to Africa.

STEP ELEVEN: Teams will fly to Africa and will participate in two more weeks of orientation training.


The total cost for the year is $14,000 for individuals coming from overseas. (There is a unique budget for individuals from within Africa. Please contact us to find out more about this.) These costs include all living expenses and travel to, from, and within Africa as well as medical insurance.  All team members raise their support over the course of the year from their circle of friends, family and church. We have a tried and true method to help you accomplish this. While this feels intimidating we have never had a single person unable to go because of costs.


As team members living in intentional missional community you will grow by learning together. Along with other spiritual disciplines such as daily devotions, prayer and worship, the team also learns together by reading and discussing these select books together. Below is the current reading list used in our curriculum. The books correlate to the issues team members will be experiencing and are vital to your experience. Each month the house will read through a book and discuss together what they are learning. There is also a recommended “go deeper-reading list” for those wanting to get more. The ministry also has a small library of books at the house you will stay in.



Here is a glimpse of what some of our past volunteers have said about their experience;

Rebecca Clendenin- North Carolina, USA
Vision Year Alum 2008-2009


Katie Froese –  Winnipeg, Canada
Vision Year Alumn 2011


In 2010, I approached Africa Revolution to join their upcoming Vision Year team because I wanted to deepen my understanding of serving Christ cross-culturally. As a university student studying International Development, I was drawn to AR’s vision to empower African leaders and serve alongside them. After skyping with Allan and Annie Greig a handful of times throughout the Vision Year application process, I learned that I was accepted to join the Vision Year 2011 team.

Our journey began in January 2011, after a brief orientation in Michigan, when a fellow Canadian participant and I met our Zimbabwean and Zambian counterparts in South Africa and travelled together to what would be our home for the next 11 months: Hawane Farm in western Swaziland. Throughout the year our team worshipped, prayed, studied scripture, and tried to serve the community in which we lived. In practical terms this meant daily morning devotions with a group of bible school students, regular visits to the public hospital to pray for the sick, leading a local youth group every week, volunteering with a mobile medical clinic, playing with kids at a community care point, visiting ‘gogos’ (elderly ladies) in the community, and much more. While these ministry ‘tasks’ are the nuts and bolts that made up our year as AR interns, the lifelong takeaways are much broader.

My year as an intern with AR expanded my knowledge of the Word of God, as I was constantly forced to ‘go back to the book’ to study what Scripture has to say about who God is and how He works, rather than rely on what my own Christian Church culture had taught me. This deepened my relationship with the Lord as I sought His counsel and asked for the Holy Spirit’s wisdom.

My year as an intern with AR also solidified the value and vital importance of community in the Christian life. Don’t get me wrong — the most difficult part of the internship was living and serving among other Christians. However, this is what Jesus has called us to — to be His Church.

And finally, my year as an AR intern empowered ME to be a leader in MY community. Throughout the year, I was challenged over and over again to step outside my comfort zone and take the lead in spiritual roles. At first, I felt embarrassed and incompetent. But as time passed, the Lord taught me that it was not about my competence, but HIS.

Upon returning to my home in Canada I have been able to see the fruit of my AR internship in my ability to serve my community. The Lord allowed me and a couple of friends to start and lead a university-aged girls’ group for the encouragement of fellow believers and witness to not-yet believers. He also led me to move to the heart of the inner-city of Winnipeg, where I’ve become involved with a small house church/intentional Christian community. Through my involvement with this church, God opened doors for me to join a couple in their outreach to their majority-Muslim apartment building in our neighbourhood, by moving into an open suite in the building. We meet weekly to pray for our neighbours, asking God’s wisdom and grace in serving them, and arrange social events in the building’s lobby to generate relationships; it is a day-in, day-out ministry that often feels unfruitful. But this is the benefit of Christian community: you have brothers and sisters to spur you on in the work that the Lord has called you to! In addition, the Lord has blessed me with a job that I love, facilitating a Mentorship Program for newly arrived refugee youth at a secular non-profit organization.

My internship with AR demonstrated to me that the heart of Christ is in relational ministry. It does not often feel glorious. It does not often feel ‘productive’. However, it IS the call of Christ: “Go ye therefore and make disciples of all nations.” This is not a call to those on the overseas mission field, to pastors, to clergy, or the ‘overtly spiritual’. It is a call to each of us: in our workplaces, social circles, classrooms, neighborhoods, and apartment buildings. My internship with AR laid the foundation for the beginning of my understanding of this call.


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